Why all our dream destinations have a coconut tree?

Most of the islands around the world that are great holiday destinations are where the coconut trees grow. A coconut tree on the beach was the dream of Al Pacino in scarface, he wanted so much to return back to his homeland and spend a day under a coconut tree having a cocktail. The calmness and the nature those wonderful coconut trees represent asre simply unbetable. Gaia beach has so many of these coconut trees right on the beach to give you that feeling.

Hopsitality is not just about serving a drink or a meal is a lot more than that. Fulfilling the dreams of your guests is what we always try to achieve at Gaia Beach. We love so much the enviroment that we do what we can to protect it. Our coconut trees for which we are extremely proud are our sign, are the objects that make our beach the most exctiting in Rhodes and definetely one of the most exciting in Europe.


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