Spending a wonderful day at the beach

For those that have difficult jobs while at their countries it’s so important their holiday to go smoothly without unfortunate surprises. PEople want to spend hours on a sunbed reading a book, drinking a coffee having a great meal and just catching the sun that they so much miss in the winter.

A Holiday its more than just fews dayin a sunny place. A Holiday is a whole idea behind it. Its the feeling, its the support the imaginary friend you have during difficult times especially in the winter that you are counting days for the moment that you will get in the plane ready to go to the destination. And yet for most of us a holiday includes a beautiful beach like Gaia or a nice pool. The holiday starts that moment that this great waiter or barman will serve us our frist drink. The first drink without worries, the first drink for relaxation the first drink in Paradise.

Rhodes island is such an exciting destination to be with so much history that one needs hundreds of days to visit and appreciate.


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