Being on a boat in the morning  feeling the Aegean breeze looking at the calm crystal waters and the clear skies is just amazing. Preparing the baits while you are going to the destination and the exctiement of catching a big fish that rarely happens they are more than enough to satisfy the fisherment professional and amateur. Haraki was a fishing village since ancient times. A lot of people still know how to create their own bait equipment.

Gaia Beach just around the corner of Haraki beach is just a few hundred meters away of the ancient volcano which is responsible for the birth of Rhodes thousands of years ago. The history of Rhodes starts exactly from here, from the Volcano of Gaia Beach which has been inactive for hundred of years. When you throw your rod in the sea and you are unlucky to go in the middle of the volcano, the rod keeps going for hundreds of meters. The Volcano its like a magnet that sucks everything around it.


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